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  • Converting eBooks (PDF, MOBI, KPF, KCB, EPUB, DOCX, PPT, SCORM, TXT, HTML, ODT)
  • Proofreading manuscripts
  • Cover Design (2D/3D)
  • Creating Audiobooks
  • Troubleshooting files  (KPF/EPUB/PDF/DOCX)
  • Translation (English/French/German/Swahili)
  • Converting Paperback to KPF
  • Uploading eBooks (KDP, Smashwords, Kobo, Lulu, personal website)
  • eBook marketing
  • Writing SEO articles for blogs
  • Pitch Decks
  • Flyers/Magazines
  • Developing online courses (WordPress Plugins and other SCORM Authoring tools)
  • Formatting Documents (Thesis, Dissertation, reports, etc.) (MLA, APA, Chicago, IEEE)
  • Reviewing Citations/References/footnotes
  • Creating PDF Fillable forms
  • Creating LinkedIn Pages

eBook Editing and Formatting: Transform your manuscript into a polished masterpiece. Our expert editors and formatters ensure your eBook meets industry standards and captivates your readers.

Cover Page Design: Make a lasting first impression with a visually stunning cover. Our design team crafts eye-catching covers that reflect the essence of your work.

Troubleshooting EPUB/KPA File Errors: We tackle issues head-on, addressing errors related to fonts, table of contents, images, and layout in EPUB/KPF files to ensure a seamless reading experience.

File Conversion: Effortlessly switch between formats. We provide reliable file conversion services, allowing you to adapt your content for different platforms and audiences.

Paperback to eBook / eBook to Paperback: Transition seamlessly between print and digital. Our services empower you to reach readers in both formats without compromising quality.

Uploading eBooks: Navigate the complexities of digital platforms with ease. We assist you in uploading your eBooks to various online marketplaces, ensuring a smooth publishing process.

Pitch Decks: Capture attention and convey your message effectively with professionally designed pitch decks that highlight the essence of your project.

Flyers/Magazines/Posters: Extend your reach with visually appealing promotional materials. Our design team creates impactful flyers, magazines, and posters tailored to your brand.

eBook Marketing: Maximize your book’s visibility. Our marketing services help you create a buzz around your eBook, reaching your target audience and driving sales.

Online Courses Creation (SCORM/PPT): Unlock the potential of e-learning. We specialize in creating engaging online courses using SCORM and PowerPoint, catering to diverse educational needs.

PDF Services (TOC/Bookmarks/Editing/Adding Pages, etc.): Enhance the functionality of your PDFs. Our services cover table of contents creation, bookmarking, editing, and seamlessly adding pages to meet your specific requirements.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional services tailored to meet your unique publishing needs. Elevate your content and make a lasting impact with our professional solutions.

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