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Common EPUB Conversion Errors: Troubleshooting Guide


Congratulations on your EPUB conversion journey! While the process opens up exciting possibilities for digital publishing, it’s essential to be aware of common errors that may arise during or after the conversion process. This troubleshooting guide aims to help you identify and address these issues, ensuring a seamless and error-free EPUB file. Let’s dive into some frequent errors and their solutions:

1. Formatting Discrepancies:

  • Error: Inconsistent fonts, spacing, or indentation.
  • Solution: Review the source document for formatting consistency. Adjust styles and formatting before conversion.

2. Image Problems:

  • Error: Images not displaying correctly or missing.
  • Solution: Ensure images are in a supported format (JPEG or PNG), and their file paths are correctly referenced in the EPUB file.

3. Hyperlink Issues:

  • Error: Broken or improperly linked hyperlinks.
  • Solution: Verify all hyperlinks in the source document before conversion. Use absolute paths for external links.

4. Table of Contents (TOC) Errors:

  • Error: Incorrect or missing entries in the TOC.
  • Solution: Confirm that the source document has a well-structured TOC. Adjust heading styles if necessary.

5. Metadata Problems:

  • Error: Inaccurate or missing metadata (title, author, etc.).
  • Solution: Ensure metadata is correctly entered in the source document or update it manually in the EPUB file.

6. Text Flow Issues:

  • Error: Text not reflowing properly on various devices.
  • Solution: Optimize text flow by using appropriate styles and formatting. Avoid fixed layout settings.

7. Validation Errors:

  • Error: EPUB validation errors when using validation tools.
  • Solution: Run the EPUB file through validation tools like EPUBCheck to identify and address specific issues.

8. File Size Concerns:

  • Error: Large file size affecting performance.
  • Solution: Compress images, remove unnecessary content, and consider splitting large files into smaller parts.

9. CSS Challenges:

  • Error: CSS styling not rendering correctly.
  • Solution: Review and optimize CSS styles, ensuring compatibility with EPUB standards.

10. Compatibility Issues:

Error: EPUB file not rendering correctly on certain e-readers.

Solution: Test the EPUB file on various devices to identify compatibility issues. Adjust formatting as needed.


While EPUB conversion can present challenges, addressing these common errors with an expert will help you create a polished and reader-friendly digital publication. Regularly testing your EPUB file on different devices and using validation tools will contribute to a smoother reading experience for your audience. In case you encounter such errors, reach out. We are ready to sort them out ASAP! Happy publishing!

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